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Rug Cleaning and Repairs

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A genuine hand knotted rug can require maintenanice to keep it in great condition. If you have a rug that is showing signs of wear and tear we may be able to assist you.

A rug requires deep cleaning depending the amount of traffic the carpet has to endure. Professional washing will get the deeply ingrained dirt that is buried in the pile and return the lustre and sheen to the pile. $60 per square metre is the standard rate for hand washing. 

Hand knotted rugs can also suffer damage to the pile as well as the foundation due to poor maintenance or by accidents that can commonly occur in the home.

Rugs left damp due to such things as pot plants can cause the foundation to rot requiring major repair work. its best to catch these issues early to minimise the cost to you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have but please be aware that a visual inspection is really required for sunstaintial repair quotes.

Country of Manufacture : Australia