Shipping is included on all orders in Australia.

Delivery is handled by a 3rd party courier company so we are unable to provide exact times or delivery days.

The courier company performs deliveries Monday-Friday during business hours.

All of our rugs are considered special handling requirement freight and therefore fall under the delivery time frames as shown on our couriers website tracking link.

We have limited control over the couriers, however will always do what we can to assist in the delivery of your Stella Rug.

How do I contact you directly?

You can message us directly from our website page using the Messenger bot. Leave a message and one of our team will reply promptly. 

You can reach us by email: sales@stellarugs.com.au.

You can message us from our Facebook pages: Stella Rugs or Stella Rugs Ettalong.

Or on Instagram on: www.instagram.com/stella_rugs

Be sure to leave your contact phone number and we will call you. 

How do I clean my rug? 

A gentle vacuum 1-2 times a week is generally enough to keep your rug fresh and free of normal everyday debris. You may prefer to vacuum more often if your is in a high traffic area or you have feel it needs it. 

Spills: Blot up with a clean absorbant cloth immediately. Do not rub harshly as you may damage the pile. 

Stains: We recommend Stainex as a safe non-toxic yet very effective stain remover. Follow the instructions.