Now that you have invested in your new rug, it's worth that little extra to invest in it's upkeep. Our range of rug accssories include;

Carpet Protector offers an invisible layer of repellant to protect your rug from staining and damage caused from spillages. A similar product to Scotch Guard. Ask us for a quote to treat your rug prior to delivery. 

Stainex stain remover is a non-toxic yet effective product that can be used on all rugs and upholstered surfaces.

Rug Grip is a spray on rubber product that adhers to the back of the rug and provides a non-slip section that won't stain your flooring or carpet. 

Rug Grip Underlay is a synthetic material specifically designed to provide both cushioning of your rug from hard floor surfaces as well as hold the rug in its position and avoid sliding randomly.

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