Sheepskin & Cowhide Rugs


Stella Rugs provides the best quality cowhide and sheepskin leather products in Australia. Our suppliers are known for their reliability, range and top quality products and adhere to Australian Manufacturing Standards.

Take a look through our beautiful range of Brazilian cowhide rugs and sheepskin floor rugs made from Merino, Mongolian and New Zealand wool. All of our cowhide floor rugs have been handpicked for their quality, size and shine. Each rug feels fantastic underfoot and will add warmth and style to any home.

Silky Brazilian Cowhide Rugs

Add a little character to your home with a beautiful Brazilian cowhide rug. Each one feels super silky, is incredibly resistant and looks stunning over wood or stone flooring. Because cowhide floor rugs are a natural product, they each have a unique characteristic, with no two being the same. Choose from a black and white cowhide rug, beige cowhide, brindle cowhide, tri-colour cowhide, caramel cowhide, dark brown cowhide or salt and pepper cowhide.

Luxurious Sheepskin Rugs

Browse through our range of fluffy, luxurious sheepskin rugs, available in a natural white, black and grey or a vibrant pink, red or silver. All of our sheepskin rugs have been sourced for their thick, quality wool, including Merino, Mongolian and New Zealand wool. Each sheepskin rug is totally unique, hard wearing and warming. Use your sheepskin rug on the floor, over a chair as a throw or on the end of the bed to keep your feet toasty at night.

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