The Best Outdoor or Outside Rugs for your home

We are all familiar with rugs being inside the home for both their warmth and contibution to the decor of your home.

But what about the outside entertaining areas of your home? Wether its a pool area or lounge deck, a rug can be both visually appealing as well as protecting your valuable deck or entertaining area from damage.

There are a range of rug that have been specifically designed for outdoor use that are both affordable and eye catching. Due to the harsh conditions these are made from synthetic materials to both the weather and UV from sunlight. Natural fibres are not really suitable for this purpose.

The two main materials used and common Plastic, wether recycled or virgin and PET.

The Virgin or recycled plastic style rugs are woven from plastic straws. They are generally brightly coloured and can be used both around the home or taken on any outings to provide a comfortable area to enjoy your time. Cheap , light weight and easily cleaned, they are a good choice for outings.

PET rugs are more expensive as they are manufactured from woven PET fibres. This gives PET rugs a much more pleasant finish which is almost wool like in appearance and feel. Again they are easily cleaned by simply hosing them off and allowing to dry. These rugs have a much more muted appearance  and are not as brightly coloured as plastic rugs.

As with all rug purchases it comes down to personal taste and your budget.

Stella Rugs has a good range of outdoor rugs at very good prices and we would be happy to help you find the rug to suit your home and lifestyle.