Are Rugs Recyclable ?

Australia has a large market for rugs as decor items as well as insulation for colder areas such as Melbourne and Tasmania.

As with most decor items, fashion changes and people renovate or update their rooms or entire homes quite regularly. So the question arises what do do with your rugs if they are no longer suitable for your updated space ?

Australia does not currently have any dedicated service to help with the recycling of mateils used in the manufacture of floor rugs. The vast majority of the product available in the market are made from synthetic materials with the dominant one being poly propylene. 

Regretably this material does not breakdown naturally and , as noted above, there is no one atempting to recycle this material here in Australia.

The best solution is to buy a rug made from natural materials such as Jute , Wool  or cotton. When you no longer want the rug disposing of it will cause no long term damamge as it will break down naturally.

If you cant find a rug that appeals to you in a natural fibre then the best option is to find the rug a new home to maximise the use of the rug and its compenent materials to at least minimise the enviromental damage caused by use of synthetic materials.

So to summerise

1) Try to buy a rug made from natural materials wherever possible.

2) When your rug no longer suits your decor or needs please try to find the rug a new home regardless of wether it is made from synthetic or natural materials. The world will be a much cleaner place if we reuse everything possible rather than throw it in landfill. 

Come one will be happy to use your rug !!


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